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If you're looking for a place to live that has all the amenities, opportunities and real estate options that you would find in a big city but with a small city feel, Halifax, Nova Scotia is that place. Halifax is the largest city east of Quebec but manages to maintain a balance between farmland, suburban housing, and downtown condos for sale. Toronto, with their posh downtown Toronto condos, may seem like the obvious choice for those looking to live or invest in real estate in a major Canadian city, but Halifax, Nova Scotia offers all the opportunity without the enormous urban sprawl. Browse through this site, it's full of information compiled by area real estate agents, for more specifics about what makes Halifax, NS the best choice for you.

Halifax, Nova Scotia: From the Sea, Wealth

Halifax is the provincial capitol of Nova Scotia and is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at Halifax Harbor. With a population of 372,000, Halifax is the largest Canadian city east of Quebec. Since 1996, Halifax, the surrounding cities of Dartmouth, and Bedford, and the communities of Halifax County, have been known collectively as the Halifax Regional Municipality for government and public works purposes, though addresses remain the same.

Halifax, NS is a city that is extremely proud of its military history. It was founded in 1749 as a British Navy base and Army garrison. The strategic value of Halifax's harbor made it integral in the Allied war efforts in the first and second world wars and the star-shaped army fortress still remains in downtown Halifax as the Citadel Hill National Historic Site. Halifax's military heritage is celebrated by re-enactors at Citadel Hill and by the Nova Scotia International Tattoo, a yearly festival of precision drill and marching bands from all over the world. Halifax still plays a major role in Canada's defense, as it is the site of several major bases, including CFB Stadacona, CFB Shearwater, and CFB Windsor Park.

Halifax's motto, "from the sea, wealth" is as true today as it was in Halifax's early days, when it was a key part of the triangular trade between Canada, Britain, and the Caribbean. The shipping industry is a large part of the economy, particularly the container port, however Halifax has also developed into a major center of business, banking, and government.

Halifax, NS also maintains a strong tradition of higher education with three major universities and numerous community colleges. The University of King's College was established in 1789, making it Canada's oldest university. Dalhousie has schools of medicine, law, and engineering, while community colleges offer programs ranging from film studies to commercial aviation.

Halifax, NS is just one part of the larger Halifax Regional Municipality, which includes Dartmouth, Bedford, and many smaller communities in Halifax County. Where in the HRM you choose to live depends greatly on your budget, lifestyle, and where you work. Halifax is the location of most job opportunities, especially in business and government, while Dartmouth and Bedford are primarily residential. Farther out into Halifax County, communities become largely rural with increased reliance on fishing or farming.

Within Halifax, Nova Scotia itself there are dozens of neighbourhoods with home styles ranging from the newer apartment complexes of Clayton Park to the large old mansions in the South End. Many pre-planned neighbourhoods have been constructed in recent years near the Bayer's Lake shopping complex and more are springing up all the time. The West End is predominately middle class while the North End is popular with students and low income families.

As far as cities go, Halifax, Nova Scotia is smaller than most, which means your money will go further here than it would in Toronto or Vancouver. Single family homes run from approximately $185,000 to $500,000 depending on the neighbourhood and condos can cost anywhere from $125,000 to $300,000. Obviously there are many smaller communities within the HRM that are reasonable commutes to Halifax proper which would have significantly lower average home prices as well.

Relocating from Halifax, NS to Ont.

Should the time come that you find yourself having to move to the Province of Ontario you may need the services of a Toronto real estate agent. Nadine Robbins is a well known Toronto real estate agent has many Toronto condos and lofts on her site and she is ready to assist you with you search for a new home.

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Now that you've fallen in love with the little-big city by the sea, you're probably wondering what to do next to get you living there as soon as humanly possible. Your first step in this process is to contact one of our Halifax, Nova Scotia real estate agents. He or she can help you decide what type of home in which neighbourhood is right for you and your budget. Our real estate agents are friendly and knowledgeable, so don't hesitate to contact them even if you're only looking for more information to help you decide.

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